I searched for months for a good yoga studio in Longmont. One completely free of ego. A place that is comforting and calming. This studio is tucked away on main street and boy what a gem it is. Ego free, small class sizes, and 100% personable.

This is how yoga should be: a beautiful connection between mind and body, relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time, calming and spiritual. I always finish every class feeling stress-free, calm, relaxed, and emotionally and physically connected.

The space is very welcoming and the energy was full of kindness and compassion.

This is what yoga is actually about. Be ready to change yourself spiritually and physically and to come out better than you were. This is a true sanctuary of learning and meditation.

This studio offers true and authentic yoga in the midst of commercialism and trends. The teachers are kind and focused on meeting the students where they want to be met.

Definitely not the run of the mill studio. These classes take you deeper into the true essence of yoga and what it was originally meant to be.