About Us

Marilyn, Monica and Katie (affectionately referred to as "the trio") met in August 2017 as they began their study in George's YTC 200 class at Elevated Yoga. With individual areas of expertise ranging from study of various yoga styles, business experience, education, youth outreach, non-profit work, occupational therapy, and complementary personality profiles, the three quickly realized they should work together on a larger project. Soon after that decision, the opportunity arose to become co-owners of Elevated Yoga Studio and the trio rose to the occasion. They vowed to preserve and develop the philosophy and atmosphere of this yoga "home", and began their journey as co-owners of Elevated Yoga Studio in November 2018.

In accordance with the original spirit of Elevated Yoga Studio and the essence of yoga itself, teachers are welcoming and provide students with accessible and introspective classes. These classes are composed of asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and other related practices and these activities are appropriate for everybody and every body. This deliberate approach allows opportunity for physical and mental challenges without forcing any student to practice outside of his or her comfort zone and ability.

The trio is extremely excited to continue the legacy of George and Elevated Yoga Studio without any change to these core philosophies. We look forward to teaching andpracticing with our yoga community.

Om shanti shanti (peace to you).


Our Founder

 The beautiful space and presence of Elevated Yoga Studio would not be possible without our mentor and founder, George Zarnowski. Through voracious learning as a perpetual student and gracious teachings to facilitate his

students' journeys, George has gifted us with a breadth of knowledge and unwavering appreciation of yoga.

Thankfully, he will continue to be involved in the studio through both his reflective and accessible classes. leading

yoga teacher training modules, and hosting special workshops. Studying under George's guidance was

life-changing for the three of us and we feel incredibly fortunate to continue this relationship during and after the

transition of the studio ownership.