Join us in our mission…


Mission Statement:

We focus on service through comprehensive and holistic teachings in an open and accepting environment, in the following ways:

- creating connection with ourselves, between each other, and within our community

- guiding and supporting all people to grow in their chosen way

- fostering deep consciousness and self awareness of who, how, and where we are.

All are welcome to join us in our mission. We are always happy to see you.

All are welcome here

You do not need to be flexible, strong, slim, healthy or a gymnast to practice yoga in our studio, so come the way you are and we can help you to become more flexible, stronger, slimmer, and healthier. Our fees are low and we do not charge to use mats, blocks, blankets, and other props.

This is the way we are, because we are not just a yoga studio where one comes to practice yoga postures and flows, because yoga is not the postures, it does not even start there. Yoga is a complete union of mind, body, spirit and everything around you and this is what we teach and this is the experience we all come here for. Yoga is what the practitioner experiences and not what the observer sees, so we do not strive to push our bodies into postures against its ability.

Join us, make Elevated Yoga Studio your very special place and start changing your life, because you can!