This studio offers true and authentic yoga in the midst of commercialism and trends. The teachers are kind and focused on meeting the students where they want to be met.


Eliza comes to Elevated Yoga Studio as a longtime Coloradan after moving to the area from Boston. She considers yoga to be an important part of her healthy lifestyle and noticed her commitment to a consistent practice led her to become a certified teacher. We are so lucky to have her lead us through class with a comprehensive approach using all facets of yoga to guide her students through the practice. As her regular students can attest, this approach to yoga yields improved strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.



Laura is an experienced, well-rounded and dedicated yoga teacher. In her 18+ years of experience, her trainings have included YogaKids, YogaSeniors, Yoga Props, Restorative, Gentle Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Static Poses, and Meditation. During her class, you can sense her commitment to the students’ experience as she provides individual attention and overall guidance to ensure everybody has a lovely experience. She is pursuing her eRYT 500 hour certification and plans to focus on Yoga for Trauma in the near future.



Lora has been a dedicated yoga student for over 10 years, a certified yoga teacher since 2018, and recently received her RYT 500 hour certification. She specializes in teaching both yin and yang styles of yoga, including yoga nidra, to help her students find balance on their mats. Her classes always focus on whole-body communication and activation, a sense of presence, and reverence for the body-mind-spirit connection.



Sue has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. She is a first generation Kaiut yoga instructor studying directly with Francisco Kaiut, the founder of the Kaiut lineage. As a world class ultra endurance tri-athlete, Sue has gained a very rare and direct understanding of the mind-body connection. She believes that going deeply into the body, and ultimately through it, is how lasting inner peace is achieved. This is a wisdom that is available to all, and informs her Kaiut teaching. Sue is a world traveler, joyful mother, ex-fortune 500 executive, and an exuberant, but sadly lacking in skill, karaoke singer.



Born in Mexico City and raised in a small Kansas town, Sharon moved to beautiful Colorado in 2015 after spending five Winters in the Minnesota tundra! Sharon has been a student of yoga for many years, and obtained my 200-hour RYT certification from the amazing course at Elevated Yoga Studio in 2018. Sharon’s approach to teaching is compassionate and gentle. Sharon teaches humbly and with deep respect to each individuals’ personal practice. Sharon focuses on the breath, letting go and letting be. She believes that each practice allows us to connect deeply with ourselves, and it allows us to grow and transform from within so we can find our peace.



Sara started her yogi journey over twenty-five years ago participating in various practices of yoga asana, meditation, philosophy, and martial arts including Aikido. As an artist, yoga has played a paramount role of inspiration. Likewise, after a diagnosis of cancer in 2009, yoga has contributed in Sara's health and balance of her body, mind, and spirit. In 2018, Sara earned her 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training at Full Circle in Longmont, Colorado. Her studies continued with Yin Yoga Teacher certification, Reiki I certification, and advanced practices in several yoga modalities including meditation, pranayama, chakras, and Accu-yoga. Earning an additional 300 hours of training, Sara is now a 500 RYT. Sara enjoys leading others towards discovering their journey with yoga. Walking her puppy, swimming with her two kids, and creating art, which can be viewed at various venues around town, are just a few ways to enjoy this beautiful town for Sara.



Michelle is a clinical nutritionist and RYT who is deeply passionate about gut health. She feels that yoga is a beautiful way to heal and restore this vital body system, while simultaneously honoring it. Her classes have been designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system while putting the body in a natural state of rest and digest. Michelle focuses on restorative yogic principles and incorporates the healing power of breath. When she is not fighting to heal the guts of the world, she is spending time with her four beautiful children, reading scientific articles, running, cooking whole food recipes, and practicing yoga. She is a lover of nature and all creatures inhabiting this incredible, blessed space.



Natalie worked in an operating room when she discovered how much yoga helped her let go of the daily stresses and show up each day completely focused on that day’s patients. She received her yoga teaching certificate at Elevated Yoga Studio and shares her bright smile and energy in each class she teaches. She has an affinity for 90s hip hop and has taught yoga set to that music. She spends her time outside of the studio teaching surgical technology and going out with her husband, Jason. She and Jason are the proud owners of a grumpy senior rescue dog and a one-eared cross-eyed cat.



Julie moved to Longmont from Baltimore in August of 2016. She comes from a creative background, has an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and taught art at multiple universities in Baltimore. Julie loves sharing with students, the richness of the classroom, and learning from her students. In 2016 Julie re-immersed herself back into her yoga practice after she was involved in a traumatic accident. She found yoga to be incredibly helpful and a great way to handle both her physical rehabilitation and anxiety. In 2017, Julie finished her yoga teacher training at Elevated Yoga with George Zarnowski. While teaching yoga is completely different than teaching art at a university, she continues her love of teaching and love of being a student in the studio. She loves the experience of immersing herself in the energy of learning. Julie has been expanding her yoga practice since her teacher training and has been finding other ways to connect with the community through her artwork, her store Maker General (also located downtown!), dog walking, and through exercise.



Stephanie is certified in both hatha & yin yoga and always loves working moon cycles & the gentle body-breath flow into her classes. In addition to teaching, she leads workshops in the studio centered on creativity & manifesting and she feels so grateful to be a part of the inclusive, thoughtful & kind community at elevated yoga studio. Stephanie is a certified & attuned reiki practitioner who loves writing, baking & creating.

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Monica is a co-owner of EYS and owner of Mooka. She has been a student of yoga for over 8 years and has recently become a teacher of it. Monica's class will bring you deeper into yourself by centering on the breath, intentions, and overall awareness. Monica is also passionate about bringing benefits of yoga to young people. Along with a bachelor’s in Education with licensure to teach elementary and special education, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her yoga instruction for children. With compassion guiding her lessons, they often focus on body awareness, confidence building, conscious awareness, and attention. When Monica is off the mat, she enjoys being and breathing outside in nature, or under a cozy blanket with tea and a good book.



Helena graduated from Holistic Yoga School in May 2018. She strives to incorporate the background knowledge of health and wellness gained during her undergraduate studies into a holistic approach. She believes that the combination of modern medicine with ancient, holistic medicine (including yoga) creates the most positive change within the body. Helena’s intention with teaching yoga is to help others improve their health and well-being through healing movement, meditation, and safe adjustments. She hopes to help others experience the kind of healing that she has found with holistic yoga and movement. She looks forward to helping people find their unique path to a healthy, happy lifestyle. Helena has a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science and is also licensed Massage Therapist, level-one Reiki practitioner, and Reflexologist.

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Katie is a co-owner of EYS and a licensed mental health occupational therapist. 18 years ago, she found yoga at a critical time in her own life and feels it has been an integral part of her healing process. Her graduate school thesis involved studying the effects of yoga for caregivers of people who have experienced a stroke. Over and over, she has seen the profound effects that mind/body work has on bringing balance and joy to life. Katie is also certified yoga teacher with an emphasis in trauma-informed yoga and is working on her certification to bring this important work to our community.



Jennifer began her yoga experience at a Bikram Yoga Studio in her early twenties while still in college. At the time, she was inspired to continue practicing yoga, mainly for the physical benefits. Many years later, Jennifer underwent yoga teacher training with Rebecca Sathre of URU Yoga & Beyond and began the journey of connecting to my true self. A shift occurred in her practice and she was able to give myself permission to be authentic, love the way she is, and connect with others more openly, consciously, and deeply. Jennifer practices and incorporates mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, and chanting to her classes. She is an advocate for all beings and enjoys spending as much time outdoors. She loves her yoga community and is grateful each day that she gets to connect with other beings through yoga.



Marilyn is a co-owner of EYS and has been a dedicated yoga student for over 20 years and has experienced a great deal of healing from the practice. She is also a dog trainer and frequently uses principles of yoga to help her training clients improve their relationship with their pets (and as a sneaky way to encourage the self-care that a mind-body practice brings). The year 2018 ushered in some exciting adventures culminating in a teaching certification and co-ownership of Elevated Yoga Studio. Marilyn is also a certified 500 hour RYT. She remains humble and grateful to share this practice with her students, fellow teachers, and the Elevated Yoga Studio community each day.